Power Sub-Stations

  • Substations Automation
  • Alarm annunciation and mimic systems
  • Synchronization of different sources
  • Fault and sequence of event recording
  • Automatic bus transfer systems
  • Utilities metering and billing systems
  • Boiler management systems
  • Load Distribution and Load Shedding Systems

Residential and Commercial Buildings

  • Building automation and management systems
  • Heat Ventilation and Air-conditioning Control
  • Water distribution control and monitoring
  • Main power distribution monitoring , metering and control
  • Standby generation control and monitoring
  • Intrusion detection and control in restricted areas
  • CO monitoring and control in confined car parking
  • Fuel storage, handling and management system
  • Car parking control and monitoring
  • Fire curtains and pressurization fans control
  • Online Environment Control and monitoring systems
Recent Projects
Thales (Metro Makkah Rail Project)
Umm Al Qura University
Various civil works including building, Villas , roads, bridges, bases, embankments, structure-breaking waves and drainage work, supplying of concrete lying Excavation & compaction work.
ALAM AL-MURJAN Engineering division provides services in the field of electrical and safety solutions. Its core activities are briefed below.

Fire Safety Systems: Engineering, design, Implementation, Testing and commissioning of fire suppression system for enterprise.
L/M Voltage Power Systems: Low and medium voltage cabling, installation of step-up and step-down Transformers, Power Generation, power management and uninterruptable power systems for data centers.

The use of various devices in energy systems to control the processes of generating, converting, and distributing electric power and heat according to the operating and adjustment programs of the devices used like CCMS, SCADA, BMS, Minic System.
Communication techniques have resulted in developing complex electronics devices, circuits and equipment capable of implementing efficient telecommunication systems.

Designing data center one is looking to plan, design and implement a new data center or increase the efficiency of an existing one.
Structured cabling systems for voice, video and data which includes CAT 5E, CAT6, multimode, single mode fiber optics & coax .

We have approximately 250+ highly qualified, experienced, well trained and a multi-national workforce to undertake any challenging task.
Vehicles and equipment equipped with modern facilities with a capacity of serving regular and heavy vehicles/equipment on rental basis.
The Company’s Safety Manual incorporates the Objectives, Organizations and procedures associated with all of the company‘s activities related to this policy. This policy is fully endorsed on behalf of our Company.